Friday, August 1, 2014

What We Do When We're Not in Paris

Since my parents have left, we haven’t traveled too much, but there has been A LOT going on- especially in terms of “the future”, but more on that later.

Here are way too many selfies to show what we have been up to when we’re not picnicking in front of the Eiffel Tower or broken down on the autobahn.

We recently bought matching cruiser bikes. All dorkiness aside, we love them. They're great for cruising around town, going for dinner, and I've started riding mine to work. Cruiser bikes aren't really a thing in Germany, so they definitely stand out and are probably very sought after. I'm assuming this because one of them was stolen the first night we got it. We replaced it within the week and bought a sturdier lock. You're welcome bike thief, enjoy your single speed- it won't get you up many hills, but its quite stylish. 

There's an Americanized Irish bar downtown that hosts Trivia every week. We met some new and old friends and won! And then Dan and I behaved as if we were a pair of alcoholics that broke out of rehab- beer here, round of shots there, 2 pitchers of beer here please, yes we'll have that wine. Free shots from that table? Sure, why not, we clearly think our actions have no consequences.

Every year around the first weekend of July, Kaiserslautern has something called Altstadtfest, which just means a Downtown Festival. It's amazing. I told Dan if I could live at Altstadtfest, I would. Germany don't play with their festivals. It was 3 days of music, food, drinks, vendors, dancing, fun, etc. We weren't able to make it until the last day. We arrived, got some dinner and drinks while the sky turned rather black. All of a sudden- STORMING DOWNPOUR. (I later saw a video that a tornado had touched down like 10 miles west of us). So we just waited out the storm under a canopy and drank mai tais or something similar, and then this band started playing all our favorites: Lumineers, Of Monsters and Men, Kings of Leon, even a little Duffy and Adele. It was a great night.

In early July, I celebrated my ONE YEAR of being in Germany. You probably expect me to say something cliche here like, "I can't believe it's already been a year", or "time flies when you're having fun." But, honestly, it feels like it's been exactly a year. A fucking great year at that too! 

Watching the World Cup in Germany was AMAZING. Now, I've never been a soccer fan, so I'll take it, yes I was a total bandwagon fan. But who isn't going to fall for the sport when the country they live in is DOMINATING it?? We went to German bars for the first few games, went to the stadium in town for one and then went to a German's house for the final. After they won in that overtime, the entire COUNTRY went nuts- I could feel it. I talked to a lot of Germans about this, and historically they're not super patriotic people, but during the World Cup- they love it. They love seeing the excitement and the flags hung all over town and the camaraderie shared. It was cool to be apart of.

Did you SEE this game?!

I made black bean brownies (they're delicious) and took a picture of me with them, and probably sent it to someone. Now I'm posting it here. Cool story. 

On one exceptionally gorgeous night, we decided to have a cook out on our balcony. Candles, wine, giant American steaks and a selfie that I look rather naked in (I'm not).

Just ew... I don't know where I saw these... online? on the base? Doesn't matter, what does is HOW these got past the brainstorm meeting?

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