Saturday, September 27, 2014

Did We Remember to Group Hug?

I’ve known Lauren since I was 12. I’ve known her longer than I haven’t known her. I often refer to her as the OBF. Original Best Friend.

So, this my loyal readers, is why its CRAZY Dan has never met her. Or her husband of 5 years.

Knowing Lauren and Tyler well, I knew Dan would get along with them smashingly- and of course he did! (Plus, I was informed he’s Tyler approved).

They were all able to officially meet at the wedding rehearsal dinner- but we wanted an additional meet and greet- one that included their little growing nugget.

The day before Lauren and Tyler left to head back to New York, Lauren had Dan and I over to her parents home for a little BBQ, wine and patio fire time.

It was so great! We agreed how absurd it is we live so far away, but took group pictures and agreed to visit soon. Plus, we’ve already been extended an advanced invitation to Jackson’s 2nd birthday. Whoo hoo!

The incredible view from their home.

He loves airplanes. Or at least pointing in the air and saying airplane.

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