Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Home Sweet Home

View of the sunrise from my parents house. Swoon.

I think it’s rather impossible for me to consider any other place in the world “home” other than Colorado.

Of course it’s my home- I grew up here, I’ve been not here for only a year- but its not just that.

It’s the relationships, it’s the laughing brunches, the cruiser bike rides, the black lab reunions, the breweries, the rooftop patios, the breathtaking sunsets, the return to Gin Mill, the 20-something sleepovers, the late night campfires, the big city burritos, the margarita hill climbs, the mani-pedi afternoons, the 3am bathroom chatterbox sessions, the Hungarian shot skis, the pre-taxi playlist. 

And last but not least... it’s the feeling I get in my soul seeing those god damn mountains.

So thank you, Colorado from welcoming us home in the most beautiful way.

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