Monday, September 22, 2014

Well Haven't You Changed, Fort Collins, Colorado

Both Dan and I graduated from Colorado State University in Fort Collins. Many of his friends (mine now, too!) still live there. We drove up after the wedding to visit a gaggle of them. 

I loved Fort Collins when I lived there, but it was through consistently tispy, apathetic and somewhat ungrateful college eyes. Now revisiting it 5 years later I have a whole new love and appreciation for it.

Breweries, wineries, distilleries, cideries, restaurants, bike trails, bus lines, housing, oh my. I could totally see myself living there. It's a city without being overwhelming. It's so laid back, bike friendly with an amazing beer and foodie culture. 

Tommy and Jes welcomed us with open arms and beers. We rented bikes from the bike library and rode down the new Mason Street Trail. They took us to all the newest places for beer, wine and cocktails.

That night, Jes made us a delicious home cooked meal and we finished with a nightcap on their roof top patio. It was a seriously great, relaxing day after all the hype and craziness of the wedding. Not that the hype and craziness wasn’t worth it, but a peaceful northern Colorado day was much needed.

Passports to binge drink! 

sweet, delicious new beligum, i've missed you

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