Thursday, October 23, 2014

Another Pumpkin Inspired Post

I love pumpkins. But you already know that. Plus, I shouldn’t feel like this a new or strange or revolutionary thing. “Wow, that Melissa. So edgy… loving pumpkins.”

I’m quite aware how obsessed Americans are with their pumpkins, especially cooking and baking with them.

Here in Germany at the commissary, canned pumpkin will get swooped out faster than you can say, “Are they a fruit or vegetable?”

One woman even went on Facebook to joke that she would sell her pumpkin for 15 dollars a can. Pumpkin is becoming very black market-esque here.

Germans however, haven’t had the luxury of canned pumpkin, so they make their own.


So back to me loving pumpkins. I love them for decoration and food. I’ve made my share of pumpkin cookies and pancakes and even chili, but something I hadn’t had before I came to Germany was Kürbiscremesuppe. (Pumpkin Cream Soup). I tried it a few times last season and once or twice this season and became obsessed with it.

This is why my friend Helga asked if I would like to learn to make it. Uhh.... duh.

So she invited me and few other ladies over for a cooking lesson. First, I have to say that Germans are so classy when it comes to guests; it makes me want to step up my hosting skills.

Once I arrived, Helga had already scooped out the pumpkin guts and cut it into quarters. If you’re looking at this as a how-to post, stop reading. It’s simply about my experience; an anecdote if you will.

So, basically it looks like a cooking show in her kitchen. A bowl of pumpkin pieces, a small bowl of onions, another one of grated ginger, a fourth of precut and mixed vegetables. All we have to do is throw everything into a pot, let boil, mash the shit out of it. (Ok, ‘mash the shit out of it’ is an expression I often use in my ill equipped German kitchen, however, Helga had a handheld masher.)

Then voila! Kürbiscremesuppe!

I don’t have any “after” pictures because we all gobbled it down.  It was amazing! I can’t wait to bring the recipe back to the states with me.

Besides the soup, the company was awesome. These ladies are a bit older, but we all get  along famously. Plus, I can’t even imagine how difficult it is forcing yourself to speak your non-dominant language all night with your friends for the sake of this young American.

But, it’s something I very much appreciated.

Since this was my last time seeing this group of ladies, I suggested we take a selfie. Selfie doesn't really translate well in German, so when they asked what it was, I told them, "Oh... it's literally a picture you take yourself."

I'm not sure they really understood the concept, as Helga surveyed her living room trying to decide what would be the best backdrop for our photo. I had to remind her that I would be taking a picture of the four of us... the only thing that would barely fit in the picture were our heads. The verdict is the last picture. Will miss those classy Germans. 

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