Friday, October 3, 2014

Go Broncos!

Dan and I are massive Bronco fans. See pictures below of our last two years together celebrating orange and blue Sundays (and Mondays and the occasional Thursday)- and that’s not even close to all the them. There are many missing pictures of the signature 3am pilsner fueled touchdown dance.

When my good friend K. Jackson (shoutout!) found out I was visiting Colorado for the first part of September, she swiftly secured a couple tickets for her and I.


Last minute she found a third ticket for Dan. Oh wow, she’s the best.

It was such an amazing night. Sitting mile high in the north end of the stadium- the white bronco bucking against a sunset rocky mountain backdrop as P. Manning makes a touchdown pass.

Is there ANY Sunday better than that?!

The stormy Denver skyline

Thanks Jackson! 

Those mountains. Swoon

I insisted there be ice-cream after. I love that guy.


The Bronco Sunday Selfie Compilation 

November 2012: Pumpkin Patch pre game.

January 2013: First Bronco Game at Mile High together. 

Fall 2013: Probably celebrating a late night win.

January 2014: This was a late game in Germany (2am for us) So we went bowling decked out in our blue and orange to stay busy until game time.

This is clearly the happiness BEFORE the Superbowl 2014

Superbowl 2014: Halftime (NOT happy)

Fall 2014: Watching the game separately. Him AT the game, me, late night in Deutschland. 

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