Friday, October 10, 2014

It's Decorative Gourd Season, [Expletive Removed]

The title of this post was inspired by one of favorite fall inspired essays ever. Updated this year, you can read it here. If multiple f-bombs and other distasteful language offends you, then I’d skip it (here’s looking at you, Mom.) 

A sunny fall day is seriously my favorite sort of day. Crisp air, fallen leaves, spiced lattes, and PUMPKINS! So today, I put on my chicest fall outfit and headed to Sunshine Farm. Last year we went to Hitscherhof Farms, which was awesome, but I wanted to try something different.

Sunshine is about a 25-minute drive from Kaiserslautern, so I turned on top country radio and wound my way through the amazing forest and rolling hill scenery until I reached the farm.

I pulled into the pumpkin patch and saw that for 2 Euros I could do a hayride and farm tour. I decided I would do that and then explore the pumpkin patch after.

A “hayride” was a generous name of the contraption they used to transport us to the farm. I mean, it was attached to a tractor, but I felt like I was a criminal being transported to a new jailhouse in a third world country. The farm owners were really nice, just perhaps confused, as I’m sure you’re not allowed to call an enclosed cage on wheels with standing room only a “hay ride”.

Anyway, I climb in the cage with parents and way too many children and ride the 5 minutes to the farm. It’s a legit working farm. They took us to see the cows, and baby cows, horses, pigs, ponies and chickens. This is where they told everyone in explicit detail to NOT chase the chickens. What do you think a bunch of 6 year olds then want to do? It was hilarious.

After wandering around the farm, we all load back into the cage and are brought back to the pumpkin patch. I searched around for a few nice baking pumpkins and some gourds for festive decoration. Just like last year, another pumpkin patch success.

View from the patch. Wow
Too many children.
The view of the patch from the cage.

That's the lucky bull that gets busy with the lady cows

Fall Chic. Holy plaid. 

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