Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday Stoll in Mannheim

A friend that I met when I first arrived in Germany now lives in Mannheim, Germany. I accredit her to helping me get my job, she house sat while Dan and I were in the States, we have brunch on occasion, she was once my official translator.

We don’t see one another as often as we used to when she lived in Kaiserslautern, so I decided to visit her in Mannheim last weekend.

I’ve never been to Mannheim, except for the Christmas Market last year and the Color Run; both of those had specific locations in the city, and after said activity, I headed back to K-tizzle. So, I was excited to explore the city…. Although...

Saturday I arrived at the train station and we headed to Heidelberg for a festival and meetup. By meetup, I mean meeting a few strangers from If you’re an expat, new to your community or just want to meet new people I would definitely recommend checking it out.

We grab some beers and start talking with some crazy cool meetup people. One Australian guy teaching English in Germany. A HILARIOUS German girl I danced with, laughed with and had quite the debate with about what a stereotypical German man looks like. (She drew me a caricature that I intend to keep forever).  

Then an American from my area showed up. He is originally from Romania but practiced medicine in Southern California and moved to Germany within the last two years to be a DR. in the military community.

We drank, we laughed, we danced. It was a great night in one of my favorite cities (although too many people to get a good view of the castle). If you need a reminder at how much I love this city, you can see/read about it here, here and here.

The next morning, Mannheim friend and I planned another meetup at a brunch spot near the Mannheim train station. It was another great afternoon.

Your traditional German buffet “brunch” but with great company. A man from Greece that just moved to the area for work, a woman from Lyon, France that just moved to the area for work as well. And a half German half French guy I’ve met before ended up joining us at the end. Everyone was crazy interesting and we had a great time chatting all afternoon about food, cooking, speaking German, travelling and so many other silly things.

THEN… at brunch I ran into the HILARIOUS German girl from the day before. If that isn’t a sign you should become best friends with someone I don’t know what is.


After brunch, before my train departed, we all headed to a local park to walk a little pup someone brought along and enjoy the gorgeous fall day.

It was such a peaceful afternoon, and honestly my first real “tour” (if you can call it that?) around Mannheim. It was the perfect ending to an adventurous new-friend filled weekend.

busy busy H-Berg

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