Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Happs

As you've seen from the last few weeks, I've been updating you on my Colorado adventures and then the recent ones here in Germany.

Well, if you just can't get enough of them, DON'T WORRY. Today, I'm here to treat your eyes to some of the behind the scene and leftover pictures. 

You're welcome. 


Before I went to the states, I tried a spin class. As you can see, if you know anything about spin classes, they are Ryder bikes. And if you don't know what that means, it means the ENTIRE bike moves when you're on it, so it gives you a nice arm and ab workout too. I was the only one in the class, and literally almost WALKED out. But, I pushed myself to finish and then had to use a wheel chair the entire next week. Just kidding about that last part. It did wreck me, but I was proud I finished and tried something new. Your turn! 

 I smuggled 20 pounds of gummies home for Michelle's Wedding. It was hilarious.

Caught the amazing early sunrise from my parents house in the Springs. #jetlag

 Dan's sister-in-law had a baby, so we obviously bought this for him.

I caught this sweet moment between twins on the wedding day.

I got to send off the newlyweds before their mini-moon! 

 I saw this pretty lady at a well known American chain restaurant. (that's my sister)

I got some new ink inspired by one of my main ladies in Denver.

I had QUITE some shenanigans with these ladies in downtown Denver and created a new smile face reminiscent of a 4th grader just learning to pose for picture day. 

 Back in Germany, I was able to go to the Bad Durheim wine fest, which was equally as tipsy as last year's.

I made lemon cookies from scratch and gave them to a friend for her birthday. 

I went to see an awesome live cover band at an Irish bar downtown Kaiserslautern with some ladies from work and one from Germany. I also couldn't make this picture quality any better (even WITH a B&W filter).

A good German friend made onion cake (I know, it sounds weird but it's so SO amazing) and we drank new wine. 

I went to dinner at this charming little restaurant and drank Dornfelder.

I found a Corona in the back of our fridge and took a selfie to send to Dan. Because temporary long distance.

On my way to the train station I took a picture of the creepily life like statues of soccer players. Because that makes sense. 

My friend Annika came up with a brilliant solution to work out motivation. Drink your water out of a wine bottle so it gives you a false sense that you're partying and not participating in a form of physical exertion. 

I bought this ridiculously cheesy tote bag at the local market. (Because Kaiserslautern is such a cosmopolitan city that just needs branded souvenirs for the hoards of tourists that come through)
--The proportions of the "famous monuments" are hysterical to me--

I found a wine rack in a boat project for Dan to build me. (Shout out to my handy man!)

I found these amazing Dot to Dot books (animals, famous paintings and cityscapes) at the Frankfurt Book Fair. I've already located them on Amazon. #obsessed

The weather in Germany is cuhh-razy unpredictable. Good thing Colorado prepared me for that. With rain nearly everyday, I took advantage of the sunny afternoon for a little audiobook walk around the park. It was lovely. And that's coming from someone that doesn't ever say lovely, so you know I mean it.


  1. Hello, I recently found your blog and looking forward to reading it. I am an American who recently moved to Frankfurt, Germany. Best of luck to you as you make the move back to the States. -Jess

    1. Thanks so much! Good luck on your adventure. Germany is amazing, especially this southwest region. Happy adventures to you and thanks for commenting.


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