Friday, October 31, 2014

We're Moving, Yo

As you can see from the header of this blog there have been some changes in terms of my location.

This has been months in the making, but just now officially official- I will be touching down stateside on a one-way ticket tomorrow.

I won’t hash out all the deets here as its been quite the emotional rollercoaster the last few months- but I’ll give you the bullet pointed nutshell version.

  • Dan’s contract for his job wasn’t extended
  • He looked for jobs in Germany but found no good prospects
  • We were both sad at the realization we probably won’t be able to stay in Germany much longer
  • Dan interviewed for a handful of jobs stateside and was offered all of them
  • After a quick chat, we decided to go with the best offer- Colorado Springs
  • I came back to Germany solo to discuss my options professionally
  • I will now be working remotely from Colorado with my current employer (yay!)
  • I packed up and sold all our belongings in Germany (except our souvenirs and maps, duh)
  • Dan arrived back in Germany on Oct 26 to help me tie up loose ends and to give me smooches after 8 weeks apart
  • We said goodbye for now to all our friends, including our favorite winery, and to the actual physical bottles themselves (shoutout to Rüdi Rüttger!)
  • We took one final road trip through storybook Germany
  • We prosted one last time to the country that indeed gave us a ton of amazing memories that will help spur oh so many “Remember that time we lived in Germany…” stories  



  1. Good luck at your new place! I always enjoyed your blog.


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