Monday, November 24, 2014

Bamberg in Pictures

As you know, we went to Bamberg right before we left Germany. <link>. We drank the beer and loved it, we lounged in the hotel room and loved it. We also explored the town. AND LOVED IT.

There used to be an active military community there before the base was recently shut down. Dan and I both agreed how amazing it would be to be stationed there. While Kaiserslautern is ok, it’s no Bamberg.

Bamberg was one of the most livable German cities we visited, and that’s really how we determine if we love a city or not… if we could picture ourselves living there. It has the luxury of large grocery stores and modern retail outlets, but the charm of a historic city… uh, which it is. Blarg….it’s hard to explain… so you just look at these pictures.

View from the hotel room... don't mind the screen

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