Friday, November 21, 2014

That One Time We Got Recognized

The last day Dan and I were in Kaiserslautern we had quite a few errands to run.

Cancel the electric, sell my car, forward our mail, jump start his car, change the tire, close our German bank account, cancel the internet, cash in our Euro change.

I asked my bank if they had a machine to count Euro change. They said no, but the other bank on base did. So we headed there thinking it would be a quick in and out transaction.

When we walked in, I asked the teller about the change counting machine. She told me they didn’t have one, but they did have the paper rolls and we could roll them ourselves and then trade them in for the paper money.

We DEFINITELY did not have time for that, but laughed at the absurdity of it, took our coats off and got comfortable counting coins and shoving them in paper rollers.

I was teasing Dan about how I was far superior in the coin rolling as if that’s a quality people aspire to have, when a gentleman says to us, “oh! American Girl in Germany.”

We both looked at each other- thinking he knew one of us personally.

He saw that we were confused and said, “I recognize you from your blog! My wife and I love it- you guys have given us such great travel ideas and festivals to go to.”

The whole situation surprised me, and instead of the million things I could’ve said in response, a handful of which that could have been a version of “thank you”, I instead choose to say—

“I’m Famous!”

After the awkwardness of that statement passed, we chatted with the guy, and I did eventually manage to thank him for his kind words about the blog. 

It was super flattering for someone to stop me and say something. I obviously know people read my blog… I see the amount of people that read it everyday (holla analytics). But because I’m behind this keyboard, I forget that real live people are influenced by it. It put things in perspective and reaffirmed how happy writing my adventures makes me… and clearly other people. Which was never the ultimate goal, but I’m glad its able to do that.

(that picture at the top is, yes, irrelevant, but awesome.)

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