Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Eat CS: BJ's Restaurant and Brewery

BJ's is the unfortunate name of the Restaurant and Brewhouse we attended a beer dinner at. It's a chain restaurant that started in California. Their pizza is to die and their beer is pretty good too.

If you've never been, think Rock Bottom or Old Chicago's.

The beer dinner was a four course meal paired with seven holiday beers. Menu below. The food all came from BJ's while the beer was from a variety of different breweries, with one a BJ's original (Annual Grand Cru) which happened to be my fav.

The night was MC'd by a beer connoisseur that presented each beer and meal, which were adorably individually sized. I really liked how there was a "palate cleansing" beer between each course. More beer the better is usually my motto. Plus, the server would come back filling up your glass as much as you'd like.

I went to the dinner with Dan, my mom, dad and sister. It was a really great time eating and drinking! And for $35/person, I definitely thought it was worth it! To find out about future beer dinners, you can find additional information here.

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