Sunday, December 21, 2014

Eat CS: The Skirted Heifer

The Skirted Heifer is a new gourmet burger place downtown Colorado Springs. It’s a small spot (be ready to wait, and only maybe get a seat) with grass fed beef burgers, quinoa burgers and turkey burgers with over 30 toppings.

They make their own condiments and are home to the only natural soda fountain in the city. The space, although small, is beautiful with reclaimed Black Forest and Waldo Canyon fire wood.

It’s named Skirted Heifer for the way the melted cheese covers the beef. Which is interesting, because that was my favorite thing about the burger- and something I tried to explain to others. That’s why now, I’m going to borrow someone else’s words. As The Independent beautifully describes, “the homemade cheese-crisp-esque cheddar “skirt” hardens into a chewy mass with tough edges.” The reviewer finds this overpowering, I found it effing delicious.

The homemade fries were nothing special and a littler greasy to me, as was the bun. I’m no meat connoisseur so I couldn’t tell the difference between the grass-fed beef as opposed to other beef I typically eat, but it was decent gourmet burger. I just ordered the original, but next time would try a fancy one for fun.

For a gourmet burger joint, they’re decently priced- I went with my sister, ordered 2 burgers, a side of fries and 2 drinks for $17.

If you’re in the need for some greasy yet healthy meat, head to the Skirted Heifer, just go a little after lunch time to guarantee a seat- and DON’T forget that cheese skirt. Menu can be found here.

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