Monday, December 15, 2014

Thanksgiving in Colorado 2014

I LOVE the holidays. Family, fun, food and football. Woah. That alliteration was totally unintentional.

This year for Thanksgiving, Dan and I headed to my parents’ house. Because of the massive success of my small time German Thanksgiving, I convinced my mom to make everything from scratch.
She accepted the challenge- although I did help out with the cornbread bacon stuffing and Dan even chopped some celery. But it was mostly a one woman show and she did a great job!

I like my family gatherings a little chaotic. It makes it more fun, less formal and more real. Dan and I brought Frank over with us, and as puppies go, you can’t really let them out of your site.
So we kept shouting “puppy watch” whenever we couldn’t see him, and would have to chase him around the house making sure he didn’t take a huge puppy dump on my parents white carpet.

Then, in the middle of dinner, my mom’s friend arrived with her dog. Frank LOVES dogs, so he started going ape shit playing with the new visitor. Then all of a sudden half of us were eating in the formal dining room while the other half were taking tuaca bombs in the kitchen.

My dad had just gotten a few movies from Netflix- oddly they were all animated (think Planes 2 and Monsters University), so we were watching cartoons all day annoyingly to Dan who was simultaneously sipping on whisky, napping and quietly begging for some football.

We finished the day with pumpkin pie, the biggest, most delicious brownies you've ever seen/tasted and a show about puppies (while switching between the football game). It was a fantastic Thanksgiving with my family! (And of course Edward Olive Hands made an appearance.)


The Sunday after Thanksgiving is when we celebrated the holiday with Dan’s family. His brother and sister-in-law came with their kiddos and it was another great family time. Delicious food and drinks, swapping embarrassing songs we love and a pretty epic pool marathon.  #ThanksgivingSuccess

Dan's new nephew! 

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