Thursday, December 18, 2014

That One Time Colorado State Lost to Air Force When They Were Ranked

The day after Thanksgiving, the Air Force Falcons played the Colorado State Rams in Colorado Springs. Being a Ram myself, I was excited to go to the game. If you’re not up on your college football stats, like I wasn’t before I went to the game, CSU is pretty legit this season. They were ranked at one point (still are?) and were kicking ass with a record of 11-1.

Going into this game, it was pretty accepted by Air Force fans that they would probably loose.

We headed to the game a couple hours before to pregame and play corn hole. There were a TON of band wagon fans and the CSU section was packed. I would go as far to say the stadium was 50/50 CSU to Air Force fans. It was pretty cool.

How the game ended was not. Despite the loss, the game was amazing! As Gary would say, it’s what “college football games are supposed to be like.” The game went down to the last 3 seconds for Air Force to win it. It was a super fun game to watch and experience IN the stadium… I could only have hoped for a slightly better outcome. 

You can read about how Air Force ended our 9 game winning streak here.

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