Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Garden of the Gods with Frank

Last Saturday was crazy beautiful out. It was more like a spring day than a winter one. We decided to take Frank on a walk through Garden of the Gods. You can read more about my last time at the Gods here.  

Frank doesn’t get out much. I’ve taken him on walks around our neighborhood, but there aren’t too many people on our walks, so he doesn’t have too much outside interaction.

Considering the sunshine on a Saturday, Garden of the Gods was super busy. People and kids and puppies and dogs everywhere. Frank. Loved. It.

And everyone loved him. He’s growing, but still on the smaller side and obviously still a puppy. They loved giving him little head pats- and then were in for a huge surprise when he jumped halfway up their body- we’re still working on this extremely annoying behavior- any advice is welcome.

Besides getting some pant legs a little muddy, it was a great day. A happy puppy, a sunshine day and beautiful scenery. Hello Colorado, I’ve missed you.

We wore little puppers out.

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