Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Losing Money in Cripple Creek

Cripple Creek is a former gold mining camp about 45 miles outside Colorado Spring, right near the base of Pikes Peak. At one point, the city had many empty storefronts and historic homes which drew interest as a ghost town. At one point, the population dropped to just few hundred people. In the 80’s, tourists began coming through the beautiful decaying town. Restaurants capitalized on this by catering to the tourists- embracing the old timey charm of the city.   

In 1991, Colorado voters allowed Cripple Creek to legalize gambling converting it now into a gambling and tourist, rather than ghost, town. Casinos now occupy most historic buildings and the gambling has been helpful in bringing revenue and vitality back into the area.

Dan and I headed up there 2 days after Christmas. We wanted some fresh mountain air- and views! And to potentially win back the boatloads of dolla bills we spent this holiday season.

It was a crispy, sunny Colorado day- topping out at about 15 degrees. We walked the few block of the historic downtown and settled on an Irish pub for lunch. Dan had some sort of delicious chicken sandwich, while I settled on some beer cheese soup; it was perfect soup weather.

After lunch we headed into the casinos. We started with the penny slots in which we both promptly lost $20… although I kept about half of mine, just to promptly loose it in a video poker machine- although it lasted me longer than 5 minutes.

Next we headed to the table games, where I ran into someone I went to college with. Which Dan and I both laughed at because… when we first started dating, we took a day trip to Blackhawk (a gambling town near Denver) and ran into one of my friends there. (Shoutout Ryan Solley). So I suppose “my kind” hang out in dumpy casinos.

Dan starts playing craps and I don’t because, eff that game is confusing. He lost money and had no fun at all. So we found a blackjack table and had a blast for the new few hours. Blackjack is my favorite thing to do while in a casino. Your money lasts you a while, there’s usually a good vibe at the table, you get free drinks, and sometimes you win big.

While we didn’t win all our holiday spending back, we got to explore a new town, get some great mountain views and hang out with some mining town locals. Hashtag success.

 This was the price of gas a couple days after Christmas- this same station is now $1.68

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