Friday, January 9, 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Our indoor patio with our tree and way too many gifts

This was the third Christmas Dan and I have been together, yet only the first we actually spent together. Last year I came back to Colorado for Christmas while Dan stayed in Germany.

It was not fun spending it without him, so we made a pact that we wouldn't spend it apart again. Living in the Springs makes it really easy to spend it together and with family.

We spent Christmas Eve with my family. They came over to our house to open presents, with my Dad starting a new tradition of jello shots- red and green of course! We took jello shots, opened presents, then headed to McKenzies Chop House for dinner. It was delicious.

Christmas morning Dan and I had our own little Christmas together with Frank, and then headed to his parents house for the day. We hung out with his niece and new nephew, ate a delicious dinner and took naps to animated movies.

It was such a fun Christmas filled with a lot of family and friends.

New Years is another story :)

Frank in his Christmas bandana that he immediately ripped to shreds

"Where's my presents? There are none? I'll just snack on the wrapping paper."

On the way to dinner in the cab  

Christmas Eve puppy kisses

Christmas morning coffee out of the homemade mugs Nicole game us! 

Dan's parents Christmas tree

With his adorable niece

And nephew

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