Friday, February 6, 2015

Avenger Claim Loop in Woodland Park

Another doggie meet up took us to WoodlandPark. This time I brought Dan along. It was about a 30 minute drive from our house, but along Highway 24 into Woodland Park, which is a beautiful drive. Once we got the trailhead, we met all the other dogs and their humans and then began the hike.

There was a little snow on the trail that I didn’t realize was covering an ice skating rink until I saw Frank slipping and sliding. I wore my very practical Ugg boots, which turns out have zero traction. Once we got past the ice skating rink part of the trail, there were rocks and other vegetation that served as good little boot grippers.

Then we come upon a pretty severe downhill, where I must sit on my booty to slide down. Immediately after sliding my ass down a snow hill, we have to walk up a narrow ice and snow packed hill. Dan walks in front of me basically pulling me up it, with Frank weaving in between us making sure we’re ok.

Normally this hike is about 2-3 miles. The leader decided to add some extra mileage by taking a route she didn’t normally go. We were basically scaling a mountain. It was pretty intense, but the views were worth it.

You can see those views below. One side note funny story. Frank doesn’t really do his business besides his own backyard. We will go on 30-40 minute walks, and he won’t do his business- he’ll wait until he gets home. So I figure, when we do these hikes, he’ll figure it out… when he has to go… he’ll go.

So, we’re scaling down the mountain at this one point, single file. I’m behind Dan, holding his hand, with a group of about 10 right behind us. Frank appears out of nowhere right in front of Dan. He turns to face him on this narrow trail, squats and poos.

It was hilarious. He’ll soon (hopefully) learn to go in the brush.

Tuckered Out Puppy. 

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