Monday, February 9, 2015

Eat CS: MacKenzie’s Chop House

I am way overdue for an Eat Colorado Springs post. It isn’t for the lack of eating around town, I promise you that.

Christmas Eve brought Dan and my family to MacKenzie’s ChopHouse. It’s a tradition for my family to go out to dinner on Christmas Eve. The last few years have brought us decent, but uncrowded restaurants. Not that uncrowded is a bad thing, but I like a lively atmosphere…especially around Christmastime. Holiday cheer and all that jazz.

My parents actually LOVE MacKenzie’s, and frequent their happy hour often. I couldn't find the happy hour menu online, but it’s supposed to offer discounted beer, wine, martinis, and appetizers.

We went during prime time. Unfortunately I got the reservation time wrong and they had given it away by the time we arrived. So we stalked the bar and found a slightly cramped, but do-able bar table for dinner. We were all pretty hopped up on new Christmas gifts and jello shots…so we didn't mind.

It’s a chop house, so it’s recommended that you get a steak. And we did! I tried everyone’s of course, and everything was amazing, including Dan’s delicious baked potato. I ordered a wedge salad to start and it’s the best one I’ve ever had- those blue cheese crumbles!

I also ordered a dirty martini with stuffed blue cheese olives that was on.point. The atmosphere was lively and crowded just like I like, and cozy just like I love. Those bars with dark wood and low lights really entice me, I feel so fancy.

The menu is a little pricey- hence why we went on a special occasion. To check it out, I would recommend heading there for happy hour (I assume 4-6pm?). Have some appetizers, try some drinks and peruse the menu for when you really want to get down on a T-Bone. 

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