Friday, February 13, 2015

Eat CS: The Rabbit Hole

When I first came to The Rabbit Hole a few years ago, I was swooning. It’s compared to the overwhelming suburbia that is Colorado Springs. 

I finally was able to bring Dan here. 

Disclaimer: I have never eaten here. It has good enough reviews, and a large variety of game on the menu that quite honestly looks bomb, but it’s always been an “after dinner” spot for me. Mostly because their martini menu is amaze- I’ve gone through quite a few of them.

Beyond them tasting delicious, the presentation is pretty legit. Plus the atmosphere of this place is amazing. If you spend enough time restaurant hopping with me (or being my roommate), you’ll learn I have a thing for lighting. Never overhead, always classy and subtle and dim.

And this place delivers. It helps that it’s underground (you enter via phone booth door above ground), so it lacks natural light. Which yea, would be annoying and perhaps a bit suffocating during the day. By night, it’s refreshingly romantic. 

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