Sunday, February 1, 2015

Snowshoeing in Frosty’s Park

Continuing our weekend of outdoor adventure, we decided to try out a snowshoe trail close to Colorado Springs. Dan did some research and found Frosty’s Park.  It’s west of the Broadmoor, and 13 miles up Old Stage Road and Gold Camp Road.

It was only 19 miles from our house, but took nearly an hour to get there. Old Stage and Gold Camp were surprisingly plowed. Closer to the top, the roads was more snow packed, so we were thankful for our 4 wheel drive.

Once we found Forest Road 379, the turnoff for the snowshoeing, we parked and prepared for our hike.

It was a nice day, and a nice hike. It was a pretty decent uphill. Which, normally wouldn’t have bothered me, but I hadn’t eaten anything that morning, and was feeling a little woosey. So we just did a little bit of exploring to understand the area.

We now cannot wait to do more exploring. The trail was a main road, so in the summer we plan to head up there to do some camping.

My favorite part of the day was seeing how much Frank loved it.

We got him as a puppy when winter was about to begin- so he’s no stranger to the snow. He doesn’t mind the snow at all. But this trip confirmed that he’s absolutely OBSESSED with it.

The trail was empty in terms of other people being around, so we let him off his lease and he went bonkers! Diving head first into piles of untouched powder, making puppy angels and wagging is tail in excitement.

It was awesome. Check the video below.

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