Saturday, March 28, 2015

Eat CS: 503W

I kept reading about this new spot everywhere. So on a recent date night, Dan and I tried it. Dan actually knows the co-owner; he went to college with her. He claimed it was a friend of a friend, but after about 20 minutes enjoying our drinks, she came over to confirm who he was. Cool.

503 specializes in handcrafted food and drink. They remodeled the place and it looks awesome! Very trendy and modern. Dan and I like to compare places we try in the Springs to Denver. And those trendy mile-highers would love this place.

The menu is Asian fusion, and does it right. We started with Edamame marinated with a sweet thai sauce that was mac daddy. It was a $4 appetizer and was so generous in portion that we didn’t even finish it.

Dan got the sweet steak and pork belly mac and cheese because… that exists. I ordered the Korean street tacos with beef short rib on steamed bao buns.

Yes… I exaggerate stories to make them better sometimes, but no exaggeration here- it was the best meal I’ve had IN Colorado Springs (photo below).

I’m really bad at eating my food to enjoy it… I usually scarf things down and then immediately regret that it’s no longer in front of me and now my stomach hurts. I knew better with these things. It came with 3 and I ate one every 15 minutes. I wanted to make them last. They were also amazingly priced at $8. After I am done typing this blog, I am going to put in a to-go order.

I’m really bad at describing food… so you just go to 503W and order those, okay? And then we’ll be on the same page, and you’ll know why I took over 45 minutes to eat my dinner. 

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