Sunday, March 22, 2015

Eat CS: Nosh

Dan described Nosh perfectly when he said it’s like a caricature of a fancy restaurant.

I had been to Nosh before with my family on one of those Christmas Eve dinners. They had a special limited “holiday” menu. I remember it being decent, but nothing really stood out.

Our friends that moved to The Springs from Germany finally had a babysitter and were ready to go out. Two couples from Dan’s work also were meeting us out for dinner and then drinks on a Saturday night.

I was in charge of the reservation and choosing a restaurant. I wanted somewhere interesting, so I chose Nosh.

We picked up our Germany friends and headed downtown to the restaurant to meet the others. On our way there, Bob asks me, “they have like, real meals here right. I’m not going to get a tiny, fancy overpriced portion am I?”

In Yiddish, Nosh MEANS small meals. Eff. (As we were eating, I even asked the table…”We’re probably going to order hot wings at the next place we go, huh?”)

So we get seated, order our drinks and take a look at the menu. Its theme is Asian influences on traditional American cuisine- if the giant painted koi fish on the walls didn’t give it away.

The waitress in her pretentious black mini dress talks us all into something called “The Experience”.

How it works: She asks us a series of questions about our likes and dislikes in food, any allergies, etc., and then designs a 4-course meal for us (based on their menu). It sounds good in theory. And it is, I suppose, if it was just two people. But we were riding deep with 8, and it just turned into a chaos of unproportioned nonsense and ill matched taste buds. Not to mention it was grossly overpriced. Each couple averaged $120 without tip.

In hindsight we should have just each ordered 8 different things and shared.

I would recommend Nosh if you’ve never been there. Try it once. Order something that looks good to you, skip “the experience”, have one drink and move on. 

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