Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Eat CS: Wild Goose Meeting House

This place is my jam. It’s a coffee house, wine bar meets local beer on tap supporter with an epic menu, friendly staff and off the chain environment. 

I’ve spent hours here working, drinking coffee always followed by a new to me beer on tap with the occasional seasonal wrap.   

A handful of solo tables with a long community table in the middle, free wifi, a modern feel… you must come here.

My friend Lauren works from home too. We’ve talked about that where she lives she can’t find anywhere she feels comfortable working for a few hours. She’s tried different coffee places including Panera Bread, where the manager coincidentally (or not) put a sign up behind her after she was there a little while that said “Tables are for paying customers only” (or something like that).

Point is, she hasn’t found somewhere that she feels comfortable getting some coffee and zoning out for a few hours working without some bus boy passively “busing” tables around her.

I wish she lived here, because we could meet up at the Meeting House all.the.time. They have sweet jazz playing lightly in the background creatives working and chatting all around. 

Plus- every weekend there’s live music.

If you live here, come here. But don’t stay too long… I need that table. 

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