Monday, March 16, 2015

Jackson, Wyoming

Earlier this year, Dan’s dad bought a new Jeep. With that purchase, he was given two season passes to Jackson Hole (worth a cray $1700 each).

He put the passes in my and Dan’s names. That’s when the J-Hole trip planning began. We found a long weekend on the calendar and decided to make the 9 hour drive there. Wyoming is north, and we would be driving right through Fort Collins, so we called our friends that live there and asked them to join us.

THANK GOD. Because the one thing really stressing me out on this trip was how in the world was I going to stay awake for 9 hours keeping Dan company? If you don’t already know, I’m like a newborn and can sleep anywhere… I mean anywhere and quickly. One time in Venice, I fell asleep RIGHT next to the motor of the boat, while on the boat. Like this motor was so loud you couldn't talk over it. But I was fast asleep.

So now you understand my worry about this long trip. Tommy and Jes to the rescue, where I stuck Tommy shotgun and got down on a 7 hour nap. Both ways.

Ok, ok fast forward through the boring ride. Around noon on Saturday, we arrive in the beautiful Jackson, Wyoming- I swear that’s the only city in Wyoming you’ll say that about. Dan, rightfully so, was exhausted, as were the two other passengers that aren’t expert sleepers like myself. They all took naps at our adorbs ski town motel. It wasn’t much, but was nice for a few days. The only downside: no hot tub. Which, turns out really is ideal for a ski trip.

So all those suckers take a nap, while I go exploring. The town is pretty tiny, but offered some great mountain views, souvenir shopping and beer drinking.

I headed back to the motel to wake everyone up for some wine drinking before our fancy sushi dinner. It was Valentine’s Day after all. Our friend, Kendra, from college lives in Jackson and had made the reservation for us and planned on meeting us later that night with her plus one.

We walked the 100 feet from our hotel to the restaurant. It was a beautiful restaurant, rated one of the best in the Jackson and had a pretty amaze selection of rolls. There were 6 of us. We each ordered wine, sake, miso soup, not enough rolls, port and a chocolate cake Dan ate all by himself.

The next few days were filled with skiing, gondola riding, glass drinking (followed by free lunches), snowshoeing, tubing, beer tube drinking, Grand Teton seeing, cards against humanity playing, delicious food eating, unnecessary souvenir buying, and great time having!  

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