Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tubing on Snow King Hill

Another fun ski town activity I like to do is tubing. I actually haven’t been in years and years, but over Christmas, my sister and her friends went tubing in Breckenridge and had an absolute blast.

So I decided it should be something we should all do. The tubing hill was about a 10 minute walk from our motel. We all changed into snow pants and jackets and headed to the hill.

As we approached, I noticed to my horror that people were struggling to hike up this snow hill with giant inflatable tubes behind then in order to reach the top to slide down.

I specifically confirmed that there was a tubing “lift” that pulled us up the hill.

As we bought out tickets, we learned the lift was under construction. To compensate for that, the tickets were half off. (Killin it on the good deals this trip!)

We paid, each grabbed a giant tube, and started truckin up the hill. Which- wasn’t great.

Not that it was physically challenging- c’mon, I’m from Colorado- but this hill was nearly covered in ice.

So we make it to the top of the hill. We each go down solo and it’s fun! It was surprising a huge adrenaline rush.

The next time Dan and I linked tubes and the following 3 times, we all went down linked together- which was awesome and highly recommended.

Or goal was to average $2 a ride. After our fifth ride down, we accomplished that. After going up that hill 5 times we earned THIS

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  1. So much fun!! Remember when I was about to tackle Tommy, and Dan took me feet out with a tube and Tommy ended up catching me instead?! And the 4 of us almost sliding up that retainer wall at the bottom of the hill?!
    SO. MUCH. FUN!


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