Saturday, April 4, 2015

Hiking Red Rock Canyon Open Space

Red Rock Canyon is located off of Highway 24 in Colorado Springs. It was bought by John George Bock in the 20's. He willed it to his two sons, one of which lived there until 2002.

They had grand plans for the open space. Plans like resort communities, a convention center, high rise buildings, commercial centers and a golf course. In the end, none of this happened, so in 2003 the city of Colorado Springs purchased the Canyon property to be used as a public space.

It's a very beautiful space. Many of the formations remind me of Garden of Gods, which I'm sure at one point they were all part of the same thing. The space has many different trails for walking, running and biking.

There are quarries and swamps and lakes and stairs and just a lot of wilderness for something right off the highway. I didn't bring my phone with me to capture any of it... so all the pictures of the canyon below are from Google.

The reason I originally decided to go to Red Rock Canyon was because it was Saturday, I had no plans, it was a beautiful day and I had a restless puppy. Dan was in Denver, so I called my parents and hiking we went. I let my dad handle the dog. I did happen to bring dog poo bags just in case- but figured I wouldn't need them, as Frank doesn't poo on walks for some reason.

Well this was the trip he decided to prove me wrong. He took the biggest puppy poo I've ever seen within the first five minutes. I was obviously grossed out.

Me: "What do I doooo? Ewww eww." (I never said I wasn't dramatic...)
My Dad: "Put you hand in the bag, grab the pile... make sure to get all of it. Pull the bag inside out and tie a knot... be a responsible dog owner."
Me: "Can you show me...?"
My Dad: "Ha... no."

With no trashcans in site, I had to carry this little baggie around with me for the next 3 miles. At one point, there was this particularly steep hill that I had to go down backwards. I had to THROW the baggie to the bottom of the hill so I could use two hands to scale the hill.


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