Thursday, April 2, 2015

Snowshoeing, Fondue and Wine in Bailey, Colorado

I clearly have gotten quite into snowshoeing this winter...

My dad got my mom a Living Social trip for Christmas. It was a guided snowshoe trip followed by fondue and wine tasting for her and three friends. After Dan and I saw her open it- we begged to be 2 of the friends! 

So on a sunny Saturday a few weeks ago, Dan, my parents, and I drove to Bailey, Colorado. The tour started at the winery, called Aspen Peak Cellars. We checked in, and were pointed to a large warehouse next door to collect our snowshoes. 

Bailey is in the middle of nowhere, so it was quite a genius idea to partner a snowshoe trip with a winery- get people in there! 

After we collected our snowshoes, we still had about an hour before the tour started. What to do, what to do. Oh- how about a bottle of wine since we're AT a winery. 

We all shared a bottle of the Sauvigon Blanc. It was divine, especially paired with fresh mountain air and sunny Colorado skies. We finished our bottle just as the tour began. There were about 40 people on the tour. We were to all follow the guides up to Kenosha Pass in our cars- about a 15 minute drive. 

We arrive at the route, which is also called Wilderness on Wheels. It's a non profit foundation that has created a wilderness facility for disabled persons. So it's this outdoor, beautiful mountain oasis with a boardwalk weaving through it. It was actually very cool. 

It was such a nice, warm day... and had been the past week or so, so a lot of the snow had melted along the boardwalk making it so we were army crawling under it at some points as to not claw up the wood with our snowshoes. 

After we reached the top of our route, the guides busted out hot wine cider for us. YUM. I had three glasses. After telling us a bit about the area, it was time to head back as the cheese fondue and wine tastings were calling our names. 

My favorite part of the day (besides all the melty cheese and delicious wine) was snowshoeing back down the mountain. There wasn't an etched out trail, so the guides said... just carve your own path! So I made my own snowshoe path down the mountain while shouting "I'M A TRAILBLAZER!" I felt like such a pioneer! 

Once back at the winery, we were greeted with clean wine glasses and piping hot bowls of Swiss Fondue. It was very authentic- the man that owes the winery is from Switzerland and the fondue is an old family recipe. it.was.amazing. You could really taste the Kirsch (cherry brandy). The cheese probably got us more drunk than the wine tasting. 

So while we enjoyed dipping fresh bread and vegetables into the fondue, the winery owner went through a slide show describing their fermentation process while we were able to try each of their wines. They were pretty good- and so we bought 14 bottles. 

my mom's head was cold so Dan let her wear his army hat... ADORABLE.

Awww yea.


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