Thursday, June 11, 2015

Mich & Gabi Do The World

One of my best friends, Michelle married her best friend Gabor (and by association is now on the bestie list too) last August.

Their wedding was cuhrazy beautiful and has been featured here, here, here, and here. Beyond the wedding and the freaking amazing dance party that ensued afterward, these two are a beautiful couple.

Their love, kindness, respect, and understanding of one another is not only something you'd expect in a fairy-tail romance, but a realistic one too. Let's just say I think they are the bomb.

Last week I dropped them off at the Denver International Airport with 2 40-pound backpacks, 2 pair of hiking boots, a to-go Mexican snack, and the biggest thirst for adventure I've seen in a while.

That's the moment their honeymoon began- a 365 day round the world journey. As I told them in the goodbye card I wrote, it's pretty amazing to find a partner you want to spend the rest of your life with. Let alone one that also agrees it's a great idea to quit their job and bounce around the world for 12 months with simply a backpack. #soulmates

The excitement I feel for them cannot be put into words. I'm pretty in touch with my feelings and typically have no problem verbalizing them- so this is surprising.

All I know is that my soul bursts with happiness thinking of all the experiences they'll have, all the memories they'll create.

--My soul is so bursty we might even meetup with them halfway around the world at the end of the year :) --

So... CHEERS to you Mich and Gabi.

experience. do. eat. live. drink. meet. talk. walk. listen. create. write. capture. EXPLORE. 

And for the LOVE of travel, read their BLOG- it's sure to be just as amazing as they. 

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