Monday, June 8, 2015

Ocean City, New Jersey

I was able to go to Ocean City, NJ a couple weeks ago for work. While I have been to New York before, this was my first trip to the Atlantic Ocean and definitely my first trip to the Jersey Shore.

My exposure and thus expectations of the Jersey Shore came from the hit MTV reality show.

So... you can imagine my disappointment when there were no shirtless guidos, no fist pumping, no orange spray tans, no hair poofs, no GTL.

Ocean City is a family oriented seaside resort. Miles of guarded beaches, a nice boardwalk that stretches for 2.5 miles, and a quaint downtown shopping and restaurant district. Also it's dry. Which means the sale of alcohol is prohibited. Whhaaaa.... ??

Don't worry... the consumption of alcohol was not prohibited...which explains a liquor store positioned at every entrance to the city with signs of "Last Liquor Store Before Ocean City".

Ocean City is interesting. It's old-fashioned to say the least. Nothing has been done to update the town, but it seems that's the way they like it. Most apartments are rentals (and cheap), and the boardwalk is a myriad of arcades, mini golf, pizza shops, custard shops, fudge shops, taffy shops, and a water park.

(You can image how odd I found this considering I was expecting 3 dolla you call its, drinks turned over into larger drinks, all you can drink dive bars, and other binge drinking sort of specials.)

I worked on the boardwalk everyday, so to have the ocean as your morning view was pretty legit. Of course I walked down to the beach just to say I dipped my toes into the Atlantic. (Which requires a $5 beach "tag" in the summer months).

East Coast beach. That's another thing that threw me off. West coast beaches have fine, brown sand, and it seems like you're walking miles before you actually hit water. In Ocean City, you walk down the stairs of the boardwalk, across a few feet of completely shattered (and jagged!) shells into the water. It was rather anticlimactic.

One night, I ventured into Atlantic City because... Atlantic City. I was going to dedicate an entire post to this, but I can sum it up into the following mishmash:

20 minute uber in the rain to Tropicana. $10 glass of wine. Immediately loose $20. Frozen cocktail tasting at Wet Willie's. Car bomb at Irish bar. My attempt at fist pumping is unfortunately caught on video. Unknown drinks at local dive bar: no receipt collected. Uber back to OC. Awoken to half eaten bean burrito. #AtlanticCity

I liked Jersey. It's different, the people are the nice, the views are good, the rentals are cheap.

#atlanticcityselfie #yourewelcome #amitanenough #needhigherhair

Bye Jersey! 

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