Wednesday, July 8, 2015

That One Monday We Did Everything and Nothing

This last Monday Dan and I both had the day off work. This never happens. And it wouldn't even have been that special, especially because of the long weekend before it. Long story, short- we had planned a trip to Durango, Silverton and Telluride for the 4th of July weekend, but those plans were sidelined when our mischievous puppy had some stomach problems which resulted in surgery, overnights at puppy hospitals and a lot of tears on my end. We’re still not sure what’s going on, but it required him to stay inactive for the next 10 days and receive 8 pills a day. Thus creating a high maintenance puppero.

I decided to stay home and take care of him alleviating that burden for anyone else. Dan went to Durango with his parents. So the whole weekend we were apart- so we definitely took advantage of our Monday Funday day off together.

As I get older, and thus, wiser, I’ve realized that great days don’t have to have some sort of epic element to them.

For me, Monday was a great fucking day. We woke up late, watched the Today Show, drank coffee, and caught up on e-mails. Dan did some yard work, I took Frank on a walk. We biked downtown for lunch and to check out a new brewery. We stopped at Habitat for Humanity on the way back to check out used wood, appliances and electrical items for an upcoming project. We got home and drank wine while Dan played the guitar. We made dinner together and watched the Jason Bourne trilogy while cuddling with our temporarily broken golden puppy. 

And that was my recipe for a really great day. So that my friends, was the day everything meant nothing and nothing was everything. That sentence should belong in Alice in Wonderland.

I hope you soon have a day as non-epic or that redefines the meaning of epic as I did.


 If you live in Denver, Fort Collins, Boulder or Colorado Springs- get this thing. (there's a few other cities in the US too..) They're awesome! They give you 2-for-1 drinks at a handful of different bars and restaurants in your town. My favorite part- they're all local! (Passport Program)

 We clearly don't care that we no longer live in Fort Collins (or parts of Germany) where the streets are wide and the terrain is flat. Cruiser Bikes for life. (Mostly because I don't know how to ride a geared bike...)

The one thing Dan will admit I'm better at than him- riding a bike. I left him in the dust to wait for that light


Frank says "welcome home"

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