Thursday, August 13, 2015

Camping at Lake Dixon in Escondido, CA

I’m not going to lie, the idea of inland camping on our trip to California where our hosts live across the street from the beach didn’t exactly appeal to me.

But THEN it was so much fun (like camping always is...) We drove 2 hours south to Escondido where there was a campground next to Lake Dixon, a small fishing lake.

We met four of Dominic and Shannon’s friends there at two camping spots. Both spots were surprising secluded with one looking over the lake and the other the city.

We set up camp, cracked some beers and found some shade. We then decided on some water activities. We walked down to the lake to rent some paddle boats.

We would have rather gone swimming, but much to our dismay, there was no swimming allowed because it was the cities drinking water? Does that sound right?

Anywho. We piled in the boats, a backpack pull of shooters in hand (received from the traditional camping piñata minutes earlier.)

We rowed about for an hour debating who would have to drink the irish cream one, eating sunflower seeds, recusing flip flops and understanding physics and weight distribution (you go faster pedaling backwards rather than forwards.)


I had heard some pretty epic debatury-esque camping stories from this group, so I was surprised when bed time happened soon after dinner and s’mores- with no one chugging, or vomiting, whisky.

I can’t say I’m disappointed- I really loved waking up clear headed and not craving carbs and grease. #arewegettingold?

The next morning we packed up camp and had leftover burgers for breakfast due to forgotten eggs and other typical morning foods. 

But THANK YOU to the morning coffee that was not forgotten.

The camping was fantastic, I have no idea what I was worried about. 

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