Friday, August 7, 2015

Exploring Laguna Beach

My good friend Shannon lives in Laguna Beach, CA and celebrates her birthday annually in July. Her husband, Dominic called Dan and I a few months earlier asking if we would like to surprise her in California for it.

Beach vacay plus best friends in July--- ummm, yes please.

Shannon LOVES surprising people, so with the roles reversed, I was so excited but also worried about ruining it. She had a few suspicions, but I knew the surprise was legit when I walked into her apartment with a bag full of sandwiches and a bottle of champagne. #sandwichesandsurprises

We hugged. We cried. We ate breakfast sandwiches. We drank mimosas.

It’s the first time I’ve surprised someone and it.was.awesome! I’ll probs do it more often- so never let you’re guard down J


The extra amazingness about the timing of this visit is that Lauren was in town too! So, the first day in town we all three were able to have margaritas (in celebration of National Tequila Day), spend some time at the gorg pool at The Montage and then head down to some Laguna cliffs for ocean swimming and beach selfie taking.

Later that night we drank wine, cooked dinner, and got dolled up for a dance bar around the corner. The line was long, so while we waited for it to die down, we went to BJ's (again, such an unfortunate name) for beers and a pizookie. Dan and I had been up since 2am that morning, so while he was falling asleep at the table, we all decided #wereold and headed home for comfy pants and hearty laughs. Oh.... and that fingers on glasses photo shoot. 

It was fabs and quite the adventure.

 Airport Selfie... obs. We're looking pretty good for 4am.

We made it. It's sunny. We love it here! 

The view from their apartment. #IsThisReal

National Margarita Day! 


We're out. Til we meet again CA! 

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