Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Late Night Bonfire at Huntington Beach

How can a bonfire AT A beach not sound awesome?! I’ve heard Dominic and Shannon talk about these things ever since they moved to California. So while we were there, Dan and I were excited to get in on this exclusive seaside action. 

Since Laguna Beach doesn’t have bonfire pits, we loaded up the car and headed to their old stomping grounds- Huntington Beach.

It was already pretty late, the sun about to set. So we made it snappy and surprisingly found an open pit. We order pizza, brought boxed wine and beers, and of course s’more ingredients. (Side Note: This is the second time on this trip we have eaten s’mores, which I love. Especially since I recently learned that s’mores “aren’t really Dan’s thing” so bringing the ingredients are never a priority when we go camping.)

After the sun set we had a great time chatting, attempting to take selfies, and peeing in the sand. They have a strict curfew of 10pm, so we were only able to enjoy it for a little over an hour, but it was amazing and I now see why this is such a frequent activity. 

 The magic of filters

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