Sunday, August 2, 2015

Ten Mile Station “Hike”

Ten Mile Station is located 1.2 miles from the base of Peak 9. It’s a station I’ve frequented for mid-day French fry and rumple minz snowboarding breaks in the wintertime.
My dad suggested this as a nice, dog friendly summer hike. While the restaurant wouldn’t be open, the views were phenom (so I was told.)

We parked at the base of Peak 9. We passed a sign pointing up the barren mountain, but my dad said he knew a short cut through the trees.

This sounded far better since the sun was already out and beating down.
We entered the tree path and were immediately transported into a cool, breezy mountain oasis. We let Frank off the leash and he was in Colorado puppy heaven. Running to catch up with my dad, back to check on me and my mom, through the creek, up on the ledge, back down to check on me.

We hiked for a little over half a mile when the trail ended in the middle of a multi-million dollar mountain home neighborhood.


We hiked back to the base of the mountain where the trail began. We all looked vertical up the mountain where the actual trail to get to Ten Mile was. There was no shade. It was an incline. It was already upper 70’s.

I poised, “Will this hike wreck us?”

My dad immediately told me that it would indeed wreck him. Plus, we were way overdue for breakfast cocktails. So we walked to Maggie Pond for Frank to rise off, which he was also obsessed with.

We then found a new restaurant called Poached to sit on the patio and have bloody marys. This was the first time I was going to make Frank sit on a patio with me

This obviously stressed me out considering he’s never done that before, is somewhat needy and requires constant attention. None of which is my fault, of course.

But he was a perfect golden gentleman. And that’s when I realized the faux hike was totes worth it. 

He is totes ready to hike

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