Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Today I turn 29

Which leaves me one year about from the big 30. I don’t know what makes it big, I don’t know why it’s been perpetuated as a milestone birthday. Maybe it’s a figurative transition to legit adulthood. I mean, by 30 you should probably have your shit together, have a good career, a 401k, maybe a house, a spouse and some kids, right? I don’t know these answers. I’ve never believed that this so called milestone has to mean that much. I mean there are a lot of times I wake up and I definitely DO NOT feel like I have my shit together. I have a career and a shadow of a retirement, but- no house, spouse or kids.

But I’m feeling A-OK about all of that.  Like I’ve said in the past, I don’t care about getting older. I’ve accomplished what I have at this particular time in my life and I’m not going to feel guilty if I haven’t achieved these arbitrary milestones.  I WILL however, jump on the 30 before 30 bandwagon and challenge myself to do, try and learn 30 things in the next 365 days!

My list is below. I’ll blog about them as I achieve them. Thanks in advance for your support. I encourage you to join me as often as possible.

1.       Learn to make macaroons
2.       Learn to drive stick shift
3.       Learn how to play guitar
4.       Learn to longboard
5.       Learn how to change my own oil
6.       See a Broadway show ON Broadway
7.       Ride the Palisades
8.       Go wine tasting in Washington State
9.       Visit the White House
10.   Camp under the stars
11.   Give up Social Media for ONE WEEK
12.   Learn yoga
14.   Go shooting
15.   Go scuba diving
16.   Run a half marathon
17.   Go bungee jumping
19.   Go skinny dipping
22.   Hike a 14 ner 
24.   Brew my own beer
25.   Grow a garden
26.   Play in an intramural sports league
28.   Finish my sleeve tattoo
29.   Volunteer!!
30.   Be a tourist in my own city

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