Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Hiking North Cheyenne Canyon

My friend Dawn is heavily involved with the American Cancer Society here in Colorado. Last weekended, they organized an event called Climb to Conquer Cancer in Colorado Springs.

Dawn invited me, Frank and a handful of other people to come to the event. It was a 1, 2 or 3 mile hike through North Cheyenne Canyon. Wanting to support her and enjoy the gorgeous Colorado Saturday, I obliged.

North Cheyenne Canyon is near the Broadmoor. Actually it's all over that area. The specific trail we were on is the Columbine Trail.

The event started near the Starsmore Discovery Center. There were about 50 other people on the hike as well, many with their canine companions, much to Franks delight.

Dawn also brought her dog, Conner, who is without a doubt Franks best friend. Frank loves all dogs, but he still pees himself upon seeing Conner. Both their heads are a slobbery mess after spending a whopping 5 minutes together. It's the cutest thing you've ever seen.

The hike was very leisurely and un-suprisingly beautiful. Towards the middle of the hike (where we turned around to come back) it was quite steep, with loose gravel and blazing sun, but beyond that is was very enjoyable. Expect for the part where I had to pull a horse turd out of Franks mouth not once, but twice.

Half the trail followed the North Cheyenne Creek, so the puppies had a blast splashing through the water. As they were playing, Dawn and I reflected on the summer and how we didn't do near as much hiking as we had wished that summer. Hopefully it'll be a warm fall so we can make up for it...

  1.  two puppies in the car...

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