Thursday, October 15, 2015

DIY House Numbers

Please excuse the mess- we are still changing and painting a few things. 
Keep an eye out for an eventual before and after. 

I don’t know how many of my readers know, but Dan and I bought a house a few months ago in Colorado Springs. It’s in the Old North District, built in 1920 and has had about zero renovations and about 100 coats of paint to cover anything and everything. Seriously, a lot of the doors won’t even close because there’s so many coats of paint on it.

Anyway- it has charm for days and we’re so excited to start DIY-ing and painting and renovating and knocking out walls. We haven’t had HGTV on in the back ground for a year for nothing.

Our first project was to paint the exterior. As you can see below it was just not good. That chipped white, that green trim just had to go. So while Dan and a friend painted the house, I contributed my first DIY project as a homeowner.

Our house numbers were in serious need of an update. So I scoured Pinterest and found the perfect inspiration.

This site goes into all the details on how to do these numbers. It was actually a super simple and inexpensive project. The only hiccup I had was that Lowes was out of stir sticks, so I had to buy a few yard sticks. When stained, the little numbers and hash marks didn’t completely disappear.

Additionally, I made mine horizontal to better fit our home. Hope this gives you some DIY inspiration. After a long summer of go go go, I was definitely excited to get my hands dirty and CREATE again. 

Below are pictures on my process, but check out the link above for true step by step. Also, I'm peeping our new house color, but will have a big reveal later.

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