Friday, October 9, 2015

Old Tucson is a Strange Place

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As you know, I was in Tucson recently.

One of the free nights of the conference, they offered a bus ride for all the conference attendees to Old Tucson. When I first heard of this, I assumed Old Tucson was a nickname for their historic district. A charming city square with dive bars, trendy eats and funky boutiques.

Wow. I was wildly mistaken.

Old Tucson is actually an old movie studio turned theme park. Yea. Theme Park.

It was built in 1939 for the movie Arizona. Its been used for many westerns and movie since then and was opened to the public in the 60's.

It was surreal walking into the park mostly because it was right out of a western movie, but some because I was expecting to mingle with some hipster (or yuppie) strangers, drinking cheap beer (or expensive wine) under a twinkle lit patio in an urbanized neighborhood.

No. I was in the mutha fuckin wild west, ya'll

The organizers let the group wander around the town- which I have to say was très authentique. Then we all ate dinner (BBQ for obvious reasons) from the saloon and bid on auction items.

As I was finishing up my baked beans and Merlot (a killer combination, b-t-dubs) I heard a very loud, BANG BANG BANG!


This is how I'm going to die, I thought. Here in the Arizona desert surrounded by cowboys and fancy ladies overusing "Howdy".

Don't worry, they were blanks. Those three shots were to signal the beginning of The Gun Fight. We were all ushered into bleachers to watch an overacted ol' fashioned gun fight.

It was interesting and reasonably enjoyable, but slightly too corny for my high entertainment standards. I sound like I'm mad hating, which I am, and I apologize. It was all a little too touristy for me. But with a WESTERN THEME PARK what did I expect.

I'm glad I went. The alternative was being a hermit in my room with Netflix and room service. I'm happy I met some new people, got a few leads and truly experienced Tucson! bang bang bang.

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