Tuesday, November 24, 2015

30 Before 30: Grow a Garden

I have always wanted to do this. Nothing too crazy, a simple herb garden would do. I long researched “urban gardens” while living in my apartment in Denver, but never moved forward to make it a reality.

I like the idea of gardening for the simple fact of growing my own food., I feel like I would be contributing to society in a way. And if any of you have read/seen The Martian, you know these skills could come in handy if you were an astronaut stranded on Mars. #justsayin

So, my urban Denver garden never happened. Then, when I moved to Germany we lived in an apartment with a balcony and PLANTERS. Oh, this is it, I thought. This apartment is basically calling me to create an urban garden.

So, I filled the planters with pre grown herbs and flowers. 2 weeks later, they were all dead. 50 Euro and my greenery excitement down the drain. I don’t know why they died, maybe I didn’t water them, or maybe it was the harsh winds. Whatever. We had other priorities while living in Europe, so my garden was again postponed.  

Then we moved into a HOUSE. With a BACKYARD. And then we OWNED that house. So I thought, NOW my garden really has a chance. Then 7 days after we moved into the house, we got a puppy. And having a garden of herbs, flowers, peppers, lettuce, and tomatoes didn’t seem so realistic with a curious fur ball.

Then I challenged myself to 30 before 30 and it was a chance to prioritize something I have thought and tried so often before. And it happened. I wanted to start out small, with herbs and other small plants. Putting them in the backyard with the pup didn’t make sense, so I transformed part of our sunroom into greenhouse.

I bought seeds and pots and soil and DIY’d plant markers and turned a wine bottle into a watering pitcher. And I watered them when they needed to be watered and I rotated them when they needed to be rotated. And they grew and I think I once even used some of the basil in my pasta.

Then, I stopped watering them and stopped rotating them and stopped putting fresh basil in my pasta. And I don’t know why. Maybe it was because I had proved to myself I could grow a garden and I succeeded. I grew it. Maybe it was because herbs weren’t as useful to me as I thought. I mean, they wouldn’t get me very far on Mars- they certainly weren’t Matt Damon poo potatoes.

Maybe it would have turned out differently if they were real food like the peppers and lettuce and tomatoes. And while I’m not giving up gardening forever, I think I’m good with the progress I’ve made with it for now. I can do it- and I proved that. So, one goal down 29 to go. 

Frank says- how about you ditch these weirdos and take me for a walk.http://www.americangirlingermany.com/2015/08/today-i-turn-29.html

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