Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Case of the Swapped Golden Retrievers

I was in Denver all weekend. I had a lot going on for work. Meetings, barista training and early morning events. Meanwhile, back in Colorado Springs, Dan was at drill, or what I call it, “playing Army”. We were both away from the house the majority of the weekend. What’s a restless golden retriever to do?

Typically when we’re gone, Frank stays with my parents. He loves them, and despite the groans of socks found in the yard and excessive body wiggles, they love him too.

That weekend was no different. Frank stayed with my mom and dad. They had a football game to attend on Saturday afternoon, so they graciously took Frank to Doggie Day Care (which for some non-dog people, didn’t know existed, but yes, it’s a thing) one of his favorite places on earth to romp around with dozens of other restless dogs.

He would be there until about 5pm, so when my mom was on her way to pick him up, I suggested she just drop him off at our house since Dan would be home soon anyway.

About 15 minutes later she called me and said, “So… funny story.”

She had locked her car keys inside the house. I called Dan and he was about 10 minutes away. Perfect timing.

Dan got to the house, and let my mom in to get her keys. Frank greeted him per usual, wiggling his butt rapid speed, jumping up on him and weaving in and out of his legs. As Dan petted him hello, he noticed that Frank was wearing a green collar.

“Did you guys get him a new collar?” He asked my mom.

“No…” she said, a little worried.

“He’s so fluffy! Did you guys have him groomed?”

“No…” my mom said, again a little worried.

Meanwhile in Denver, I received a call from the doggie day care with a frantic young man asking me if I “have my dog”.

WTF kind of question is that? “Yum…. Yea” I answered.

“Are you sure?”

“I mean, my mom picked up Frank, but yea, she has him, she knows what he looks like.” Now laughing.

“Well, can you call her and double check,” his tone was more frantic. “There is a woman here and her golden retriever isn’t here but there is a golden retriever here named Frank.”


I hung up and laughed out loud… hysterically, because this situation was just… crazy.

I called my mom and asked her if she has Frank.

“So… funny story.”

After realizing how fluffy “Frank” was without recently getting groomed, Dan lifted the dogs’ leg to reveal a lack of what makes a dog a male.

My mom brought home Bella instead of Frank.

Now, before you completely judge her and try to convince yourself this could never happen to you, when my mom went to go get Frank, first, she asked for him and they brought her Bella. Bella behaved just like Frank would have upon seeing someone he knows…. Jumping, wiggling and weaving in and out of the leg.

So, she brought Bella to my house. And when Dan walked in the house, he too did not know it wasn’t Frank… at least at first.

These dogs are identical. She is a month older than him, but the same color, the same size, the same demeanor.

After realizing my mom did not indeed have Frank, I called back the day care to break the news.

“Bahahahahaha. You’re right, my mom doesn’t have Frank.”

“Ok… (nervously) can you um…. Bring that dog back here…. Because…. Ummm the owner is here now….”

No, I’m holding her hostage.

“Yea, of course, they’re bringing her back right now…. Hahahah… this is kind of funny! I mean, I hope the other owner isn’t mad, but it’s kind of funny!”

Whispering, “This has never happened before….”

So, my mom and Dan took Bella back to doggie day care. Dan put her in his car and she immediately jumped in the front seat- something she did in my mom’s car on the way home, and something that *should* have given her away….

When they arrived at the doggie day care my mom asked if they could bring out Frank so that Bella’s owner could see how similar they are and how she’s not crazy and it was an easy mistake to make!

They all bonded over the similarities of the goldens. And even snapped that jem above.

I personally think it’s a HILARIOUS story, and while telling Dan how I couldn’t imagine anyone not thinking it was hilarious, he pointed out that I probably thought it was so funny because my dog was safe still romping around with puppies. She on the other hand showed up to be told they didn’t have her dog (the equivalent to a child for some). That they sent her dog home with someone else.

So, yes, I can see it from her point of view. The anxiety of not knowing where your pupperoo is. But she was a good sport about the whole thing, mostly relieved her Bella was ok.

And that, my friends, is the case of the swapped golden retrievers. Which was eventually solved and all was right in the world.

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