Friday, December 4, 2015

30 Before 30: Volunteer

I love dogs. I always have. Earlier in life, I had to learn the hard way I needed to play hard to get. Over excited, eager stranger isn’t the best way to approach a dog.

Once I got a dog of my own, I fell in love with dogs even more. I think it’s because I learned what amazing creatures they are. How full of life and love they are. How they’re capable of softening hearts and proving to people how capable they are of love. Seriously, I had no idea how maternal and protective I was….

Plus, they’re adorable, all of them, in their own way.

A few months ago, Dan and I strolled downtown to the local farmers market and pumpkin patch. As soon as we walked into the park, I spotted the dogs.

There was a pin full of tiny, adorable, cuddly dogs. So, that’s where I spent the next hour.
They were all from the National Mill Dog Rescue hoping to get adopted. I spent the afternoon cuddling each one of them. Dan looked at me from afar, slightly shaking his head. I knew that look. That look meant I couldn’t take any of them home.

So, I picked up some literature about the organization, because if I couldn’t take all of them home myself, I wanted to at least help them find their forever homes.

National Mill Dog Rescue started in 2007. Its mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home discarded breeding dogs and to educate the general public about the cruel realities of the commercial dog breeding industry.

They have saved over 10,000 dogs in the last 9 years which is absolutely amazing. They rescue small dogs, big dogs and puppies from all over the country. They are also passionate about educating people on the commercial breeding industry. I honestly didn’t know much about it before I started researching the organization. I mean, I knew of puppy mills and the general idea, but really diving into it is so, so sad.

I dare you to watch one of the videos on their page without tearing up. The conditions the mills keep the dogs in, the things they make them do is despicable. So, on my soap box quickly- DO NOT buy a dog from a pet store- that helps puppy mills stay alive. Adopt, ya’ll! National Mill Dog Rescue has so many dogs of all age and size that are so, so ready to come home with you. Checkthem out here.

They’re always looking for volunteers, so a little while ago I went to their warehouse/kennel in Peyton, CO for an orientation session. I learned how the kennel was run, met all the dogs and was introduced to the teams they have for different efforts of the organization. While I’ll start out helping in the kennel with basic clean up, feeding and socialization, in the next few months I hope to help with adoption fairs and events. Getting those pups some exposure so they can find loving homes.

If you’re interested in learning more about National Mill Dog Rescue, their site has some great information! 

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