Monday, February 8, 2016

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

After being picked up immediately by another cab, we eventually made it to our hotel. A nice hotel on a fun block filled with store fronts, restaurants and bars. Which is not unlike any other block in HCMC.

After checking in, we went to get Pho. If you don’t know, pho is a Vietnamese soup made from beef stock and spices. Noodles and thinly sliced meat is added. I like Pho- it’s all in the broth. It’s good- I’ve had it a few times in the States and I can say it was every better IN the city it comes from.

Dan and I ate it a few more times during our trip. However Tommy and Jes were They eat pho in the states about once a week, so you could imagine their excitement at the thought of eating it at every street corner 3x a day.

After dinner, we stopped at a bar? No, no. It would never be considered that. It was basically the size of a closet, with a beer cooler right inside. They had a child’s table along with four plastic chairs set up right outside.

We bought 4 beers for $2 (total, not each) and cheersed to the beginning of our Vietnam adventure!

The next day we decided to get Vietnamese massages. You’ll learn more about those in a later post.

Next we headed to our Vietnamese Cooking Lesson, of which you’ll also learn more about later.

The rest of our time in Saigon was spent massaging, museuming, sky scraper viewing, over market heating and Tiger beer drinking.

I liked Saigon for the fact that it was my first Vietnam city and that will mean a lot to me. But overall, it’s just that… a city. A crowded, traffic filled city. The blocks were short and stacked with businesses and the people were hot and overworked.

Saigon was not good for a relaxing. It was good for making you feel alive and like you’re really being immersed into a culture and that you’re a part of the hustle bustle.

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