Saturday, April 30, 2016

30 Before 30: Ride a Motorcycle

Motorbike is the primary form of transportation in Vietnam. In Saigon, it was so crowded the bikes barely moved, they were just in clump of other bikes going the same direction slowly moving through traffic. It looked painful to deal with.

In Da Nang, it was a different story. Like I mentioned before, the streets are wider and slightly less crowded. On one of our last days in Da Nang, we decided to rent motorcycles. The boys would ride them, the ladies would ride side saddle.

I mean, not really side saddle, but on the back. Side saddle sounded a littler classier.

The process of renting the motorcycles was hilarious. We asked the woman that rented the house to us if she could help us out- she doubles as a tour organizer. She told us no problem, the motorcycles would be dropped off the next morning. The total for a 24-hour rental of 5 bikes? TWENTY DOLLARS. I love this country.

The bikes were dropped off by some Vietnamese non English speaking men. They placed them in the front of the house and got back in their truck. Ummm wait wait kind sirs.

We waved them back over to show us where the helmets are, where the keys are, how to start and stop the bikes. All things that we probably could have figured out, but still. No waivers were signed, no safety instructions given.

It was raining that day, so we all covered up, bandannas, jackets, raincoats. Then we were off. We googled where to ride and chose a route Northeast of the city towards Monkey Mountain. It was a two lane "highway" with minimal traffic and fantastic views. We winded through these roads for a few hours, stopping at a beach for a quick rest.

We hopped back on the bikes and headed back towards the house, not before stopping to see the Linh Ung Pagoda and the seriously impressive Lady Buddha.

Riding on the back of a motorcycle was one of my favorite things we did in Da Nang. With the wet roads and winding streets, I was slightly nervous, but Dan did a fantastic job of driving safe and slow for my benefit. AND... I checked off one of my #30before30 goals :)

Once we arrived back at the house, the tables were turned and ladies got a turn to drive the motorcycles around our neighborhood. Now, THAT was fun. And, as you can see below we turned into quite the lady gang which I'm pretty sure spurred the #squadgoals hashtag :)

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