Wednesday, May 11, 2016

30 Before 30: Go Rock Climbing

I don't know why I put rock climbing on my list. It just appeals to me so much! I had a rock climbing wall at my middle school and high school. Part of gym class was to learn to belay one another and climb up the wall. I don't remember much from this time. I probably did it but didn't love the idea of dozens of my peers staring up at my exposed, accentuated ass (thanks harness).

When I lived in Denver, I remember buying a groupon for a rock climbing "intro class" at a rock climbing gym. I went and it was okay. There was much more talking and much less climbing.

So, this was the year I challenged myself to try it again but hoping to find the perfect climbing experience that didn't include a bunch of 15-year-old teens staring at my booty and I actually got some time climbing.

My friend Dawn is always up for something new, so one snowy Saturday we decided to check out City Rock. City Rock is a climbing gym in Colorado Springs. They have 15,000 square feet of roped climbing, a bouldering area, multiple slacklines (which we tried and failed at), and A BREWERY.

That last part was a nice little post climbing treat.

I did minimal research on being a newbie in this gym, but it turned out to be just the experience I was looking for. Upon entering, we were required to fill out a waiver and then watch an introductory video. These videos are necessary, I get it, and so did the gym. It was the perfect mix of humor, safety and instruction.

After watching the video, we put on our sexy harnesses and were told to head down to the rock climbing floor to make sure we were paying attention to the video. We were tested on attaching the auto belay to our harness and climb up the wall. We Passed!

We were then left to go at it on our own for the next few hours. It was great because someone wasn't sitting at the bottom watching our every move. We were able to explore the different routes on our own and at our own pace.

We started on a slightly slanted wall which we just destroyed a few times. Next, we tried a flat wall and what.a.difference!

By the end, my forearms were burning... in a good way. It was so much fun and I would definitely go back. We slipped off our harnesses and headed to The Ute & Yeti, the beer bar right inside the gym, for a few celebratory drinks.

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