Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Hoi An, Vietnam

We were able to do a quick half day in Hoi An after the My Son temples. The rest of the gang was able to spend a few days there prior, so it was cool of them to go back just for us.

I LOVED Hoi An. A lot of feedback I've gotten is that it's super touristy, much more shopping rather than sightseeing. But I loved the vibe of it. Perhaps because it was slightly more developed and touristy than other places we had been up to that point. I thought the streets were well maintained, the restaurants were cozy and perfectly lit, the shops were more professional, and the art galleries were fantastic. Oh and the food. The street food. TO DIE. We def indulged on that.

Since we were there for such a sort time, we only had time to wander, eat, buy some art, take pictures of the water, and drink some Tiger beers :)

My one regret is not being able to stay there a few days rather than just a few hours. Til we meet again Hoi An.

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