Monday, May 2, 2016

My Son Temples, Vietnam

My son is a cluster of abandoned and partically ruined Hindu temples. They're dedicated to the worship of the god Shiva. A large majority of its architecture was destroyed by US carpet bombing during the Vietnam War.

The entire My Son temple complex is regarded as one of the most notable Hindu temples in Southeast Asia. It was really important to us to see at least one temple or temple complex while we were in Vietnam. It's like seeing a castle in Germany or a church in Italy.

It helps bring the country to life. It shuts out the 25 cent beers, cab scamming and motorcycle overload and allows for a more authentic experience.

I don't know, hundreds of bloggers have probably written what I'm trying to write far better. These pieces of history are important to see is the point.

We spent a few hours exploring the temple. The bathroom on site was our one and only experience with a squat toilet, so that was exciting!

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