Thursday, February 9, 2017

30 Before 30: See Lumineers in Concert

Ok. I cannot believe I haven't written about this yet considering it was one of my favorite 30 before 30's!

Dan and I have always loved the Lumineers. Their first album is basically the soundtrack to the beginning of our relationship. It has so many memories for us. From streaming through car speakers, to shared headphones on the airplane to now, blasting on the bluetooth and dancing in the kitchen. Not to mention Ho Hey was the first dance song at our wedding!

I had signed up to be on their VIP members list- receiving pre-sale access to all concerts. I received the special code to buy tickets- I had my eye on some summer dates at Red Rocks. Turns out 8,000 people had the same idea as me, and they were sold out within minutes.

I scanned the tour cities to find the closest one to Denver, or at least one in a cool city we'd like to visit. San Diego... perfect, plus some of our good friends live near there! Click, Buy, Confirm. Initiate Planning.

We booked plane tickets, found a nearby hotel and called Shannon and Dominic to let them know the deets. The show was at a smaller venue on Friday night- so we flew in early Friday morning. We wandered the city, had some drinks and took a nap before bee bopping an uber to take us to the show.

When we arrived, I was surprised at how small the arena was, but thankful for the intimacy. I was also surprised by the line of.... 250 people for a god damn drink. Deep breaths, I guess this is happening.

Thank goodness we got there early and the opener went long, because it took us over 90 minutes to get drinks and when we did- we loaded up- "how many can we order at a time?!"

We found our seats and settled in for one of the coolest shows ever. There was nothing in particularly special about this, but the fact that it was "our band" singing "our songs" made it special. ANYONE who loves a band and shares that love for that band with another person understands this- I don't need to explain the musy gushy emotions I had over it.

All I can say is that is was an incredible night with my boo by my side!

Not to mention the rest of the weekend was filled with friendship chats, tipsy Mexican food, bright red lipstick, a mediocre comedian, mimosas, brewery tours, street art, and a SURPRISE cruiser bike scavenger hunt through the city secretly planned weeks before. Eeeepp! It was a really spectacular weekend!

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